Volunteer at Kids at Heart

Volunteering your time with Kids at Heart is so important. Respite programs like Fundango, provide children with the chance to build relationships with other children in adoptive, foster and kinship families, as well as a way for kids to participate in meaningful activities that increase their skills and resources. Respite care is a key part of the post-placement services often needed by adoptive, foster, and kinship families that help support placement stability and permanency.

decembervolunteersResearch has demonstrated that respite services can

• Reduce risk of maltreatment and risk of an out-of-home placement
• Achieve statistically significant reductions in reported stress levels of caregivers and
improvements in the quality of their relationships
• Improve caregivers’ positive attitude toward their children
• Improve family functioning
• Help caregivers meet their children’s special needs
• Improve relationships between parents and children
• Decrease the risk of child abuse
• Prevent placement disruptions
• Increase families’ ability to provide care at home for children with disabilities

By spending some of your time with our kids, you will be providing significant benefits to their families. There are 3 ways to volunteer with Kids at Heart: