I’m the Heart

Will You Be The Heart?


For the past 16 years, Kids at Heart has provided a safe, loving, inclusive haven for over 1,000 children through our Fundango and Camp Fundango programs.  With the launch from Heart of the Rockies Christian Church, we are making plans to support more at-risk youth and their families.

This summer, we will host three Fundango events for over 200 children, an adventure weekend at Camp Teen Fundango for 24 foster and adoptive youth, and a day-trip to EDUCO for 15 foster youth.  We will end the summer with our Camp Fundango for 70 families around Colorado.

Here are some ideas for how you and/or your business can help us celebrate our launch and move into the future with confidence.

  • For $15, you can sponsor a family of 3 or more children to attend Fundango for an evening.
  • For $50, you can pay for snack for 70 children at one Fundango event.
  • For $90, you can sponsor a child to attend all Fundango events for a year.
  • For $150, you can sponsor a teen to attend Camp Teen Fundango this summer.
  • For $2,500, you can sponsor a Fundango event for 70 foster and adoptive youth.
  • For $3,500, you can sponsor a Camp Teen Fundango weekend for 24 teens this summer.

For questions or additional information about making a donation, please contact Erica Wharton at 970-223-1230 or via email.