About Us

About Kids at Heart


Support foster and adoptive children to support the success of the family.


Every child deserves a family and opportunities to succeed.

How We Do This

We provide respite for foster and adoptive parents.  We provide a safe and a supportive community for their children.

  • Fundango is our monthly kid connection event. Through a variety of activities and a relaxed atmosphere of fun, trained and background-checked paid staff and volunteers offer positive behavior modification, self-esteem building, relationship building and opportunities to build healthy family connections to their biological siblings. Foster and adoptive kids share the experience with other children who have similar life experiences. Foster and adoptive parents enjoy a break from parenting and adult time together.
  • Camp Fundango is our outdoor education program, an intensive, independent and confidence-building experience.  We host an adventure weekend at Camp Teen Fundango, a day-trip with EDUCO, and Camp Fundango serving seventy families throughout Colorado.  Kids discover the natural world and a clearer sense of themselves.

Kids at Heart is a non-profit agency that supports and recruits foster, adoptive, and kinship families as well as their biological children.  We mobilize volunteers who provide direct support for all foster and adoptive families who take these children into their homes and work hard to provide the love, safety, and stability these children need and deserve. We also “plant seeds” of hope and understanding with the goal of inspiring people to become foster, adoptive, or respite parents. We empower other faith and community groups to take action: supporting these kids and families either through volunteering or through initiating their own similar programs. We welcome all people, regardless of race, gender, age, economic status, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, familial status or faith history.

The Kids at Heart program began in 2001 when the congregation of Heart of the Rockies Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) shared in the experiences of a family going through the foster-to-adopt process; through that experience we discovered the unmet needs of the adoption and foster community.  Often these families have little social support while they work to heal the damage the children have experienced. This is due to both the restrictions of the foster care system and the difficulty in finding qualified care providers for their children who often have troubled backgrounds. After serving under the umbrella of Heart of the Rockies for sixteen year, Kids at Heart became a separate non-profit in January 2017.  

Kids at Heart believes that we are living our faith by supporting vulnerable children and the families that are supporting them.  We encourage all people — regardless of religious beliefs — to volunteer with Kids at Heart; by volunteering we help support not only the individual children in need, but a growing community effort.